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Dell H028N Charger

<p>Our test sample belongs to the performance weaker configurations of the 4330s that HP has in its range. In return, it is also quite inexpensive. Thus, it is primarily suitable as a small, mobile Office notebook. The Intel Celeron processor should also ensure a good battery runtime. The installed 2 GB RAM and the fairly small 320 GB hard disk make it even more obvious where the HP 4330s-LW759ES is positioned. At least it has a UMTS module.(<strong> Dell MT3HJ Charger </strong>) </p>
<p>The built-in Intel Celeron B810 processor is a member of the latest Sandy Bridge family, to which the current Core i3, i5 and i7 models also belong. The Intel Celeron B810 is a rather unknown processor compared to the Core models. (<strong> Dell 0D839N Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>The majority of manufacturers sooner opt for a Core i3 than the Intel Celeron for their entry level notebooks. Our database, where only one single notebook with an Intel Celeron B810 processor is listed, confirms this. The Celeron processors represent the low end of the Sandy Bridge family in both price as well as performance. (<strong> Dell 312-0928 Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>Even the Intel Core i3 processors have Hyper Threading, an Intel HD 3000 Graphics and a few energy saving modes. Both cores of the Celeron B810 are clocked with 1.6 GHz and therefore approximately correspond to a 1.7-2.0 GHz Celeron from the Arrandale family. Many features of the Core models aren't implemented in the Celeron models in order to save expenses. For example, it completely lacks functions like Turbo Boost, Hyper Threading and AES. (<strong> Dell 312-0929 Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>Energy saving modes may also even be disabled in a few models. Rather than integrating the Intel HD 3000 Graphics of the current Core models, the Celeron models only have the Intel HD Graphics.(<strong> Dell D837N Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>We use the program Cinebench, versions R10 and R11.5, to assess the processor's performance. First, we look at the Cinebench R10 single rendering (64 bit) benchmark, which only assesses one processor core. The Celeron B810 processor is at the lowest end of our chart. (<strong> Dell H018N Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>A few tablet PCs could already be a threat for the HP ProBook with its 2550.0 points. The Asus Eee Slate EP121 (470UM, GMA) with an Intel Core i5-470UM is right behind the ProBook with 2524.0 points. (<strong> Dell H028N Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>Just to what extent the B810' functionality and performance has been slimmed down becomes evident when it's compared with a current Intel Core i3-2310M. For example, the MSI CX 640 notebook (2310M, GT 520M) reviewed by our colleagues at achieves a much better rating with a score of 3319.0. (<strong> Dell Y596M Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>It looks similar in the Cinebench R10 multi rendering (64 bit) benchmark. The 4330s reaches a score of 4995.0. Again, the 4330s is just before the Asus Eee Slate EP121 (470UM, GMA) with 4947.0 points. (<strong> Dell 0F116N Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>Compared with an Intel Core i3 processor, the i3 is again significantly better. The Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 (2310M, Geforce 410M) achieves 7398.0 points here. We only have one other notebook with an Intel Celeron B810 processor in our database until now. (<strong> Dell P649N Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>That is the HP ProBook 4530s, which was reviewed by our Polish colleagues from Both notebooks are very close to each other in our benchmarks, whereby the processor in the 4530s is always a bit faster. Cinebench R10 multi rendering (64 bit) 4995.0 points (4330s) versus 5050.0 points (4530s).(<strong> Dell 02MTH3 Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>The processor doesn't support Turbo Boost and thus the corresponding benchmarks have to be omitted here. The processor always had its full capacity available on battery power during the tests. (<strong> Dell 451-11469 Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>We use the program PCMark Vantage to assess the system's performance. Unfortunately, our Polish colleagues didn't perform this benchmark on their model. So, we don't have a direct comparison to an identical processor available. (<strong> Dell KRJVC Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>As in the processor tests, the notebook is pretty much at the lower end of our benchmark chart. The system performance is everything but outstanding with the 3644.0 points it achieves. For example, the Acer Travelmate 8172T-33U4G32N (330UM, GMA) and the Lenovo Thinkpad Edge 11 (380UM, GMA) accomplish a comparable performance with 3680.0, respectively 3619.0 points. (<strong> Dell 05Y4YV Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>We have to mention that both UM processors are low voltage CPUs, which are no longer up to date.(<strong> Dell 0FH4HR Charger </strong>)<br />
The notebook doesn't do much better in a comparison with current devices. The similarly priced Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E320 (2310M, HD Graphics 3000) scores significantly better with 5457.0 points. </p>
<p>Nevertheless, the system's subjective performance is absolutely satisfactory despite these low rates. However, it's important to know where the notebook's limits are. For example, the notebook is perfect for editing Office documents or making presentations. (<strong> Dell 451-11467 Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>On the other hand, it doesn't make much sense to edit pictures and videos with it. 2 GB of RAM may look as if it could get tight. However, it is possible to for example work in Office documents while several browser tabs are opened for doing Internet research. (<strong> Dell 5YRYV Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>A memory upgrade is also fairly easy, as we described earlier. 4 GB modules are available for starting at about €20.The notebook is far from its performance limits in normal use with a processor load between 10 percent and approximately 25 percent.(<strong> Dell 9JJGJ Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>4.4Windows 7 Experience IndexProcessorCalculations per second5.3Memory (RAM)Memory operations per second5.5GraphicsDesktop performance for Windows Aero4.4Gaming graphics3D business and gaming graphics5.7Primary hard diskDisk data transfer rate5.9 PCMark Vantage 3644 points(<strong> Dell JKVC5 Charger </strong>)</p>
<p>The installed TOSHIBA MK3261GSYN hard disk is a 2.5 inch model with a (gross) capacity of 320 GB. This seems a bit low nowadays considering that many consumer notebooks are usually equipped with a hard disk capacity from 500 GB - 1 TB. (<strong> Dell NKDWV Charger </strong>)</p>

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Asus A32-K93 battery,charger

Low price equals few accessories? Sadly, in the case of the Lenovo B570 this statement is true. We did not receive any recovery disks in the delivery package. Sadly, nowadays this is the standard. Recovery media must be created by the user him/herself. ( Dell K899K battery,charger )
The delivery package holds the 6-cell Lithium-Ion battery (capacity of 48 Wh), a 65 W power adapter, and a short manual. The manual is quite handy as it illustrates how to swap out the hard disk and RAM modules. The operating system of the notebook is Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit) and the laptop is delivered with the OS pre-installed.( Dell P769K battery,charger )
Lenovo has given the B570 a one year &quot;carry-in&quot; warranty. It is possible to extend the warranty period to two to three years by paying extra: another 30 Euros for an extension to two years and 80 Euros for 3 years (numbers are from when we tested the device).( Dell 312-0748 battery,charger )
Lenovo offers a complete keyboard for the buyers of the B570 (a separate numeric pad for easy input of numbers is included). The user can type with great accuracy thanks to the slight concave shape of each key and the good spacing between the keys. ( Dell KY477 battery,charger )
The Enter and right Shift key are small so as to give the cursor keys enough room to fit into the keyboard. The stroke distance is short but precise and the typing noise is a dull clicking noise. The keyboard is installed securely in the laptop and only gives way when a lot of pressure is applied. Users who need to type a lot on their home/office notebooks will be happy with the B570.( Dell 312-0383 battery,charger )
The touchpad is quite big (10 cm width). The studded surface allows the finger to move smoothly over it. On the right side of the touchpad, there is a vertical scroll bar. All-in-all, the feel and look of the touchpad is different from the surrounding hand-rest regions. ( Dell 312-0386 battery,charger )
The touchpad can also be switched off. Multi-touch features are offered on this device - the user can zoom in/out of a photo using two fingers. Both touchpad keys have short stroke distance and, thus, provide limited feedback. The keys make a soft clicking noise and are harder to press near the edge.( Dell 451-10297 battery,charger )
Lenovo has installed a 15.6 inch display (N156BGE-L21) in the B570 with a 16:9 format and a resolution of 1366x768 pixels. Users, who have lots of windows open while working, will not be pleased with the display area available. The situation is exacerbated by the long time it takes to scroll down or up long texts/tables. ( Dell 451-10298 battery,charger )
The reflective display has LED backlight and an average brightness of 188 cd/m² - sufficient for indoors use. Without the power adapter, the brightness drops from 202 to 182 cd/m². The black value amounts to 0.96 cd/m² which leads to a contrast of 209:1 - not the best values we have seen. ( Dell JD634 battery,charger )
However, the B570 is not the only notebook of its price class with these values. Users who want high-quality displays will need to dig deeper into their wallets. Thankfully, working with the usual office programs or surfing the Internet is not a problem on this display. ( Dell PC764 battery,charger )
The professional color space can not be entirely displayed by this screen. The reader should keep in mind that this laptop is not intended for professional picture or video editing. Thankfully, the color space displayed by the screen is acceptable for the everyday user.( Dell TC030 battery,charger )
Lenovo B570 vs. AdobeRBG (transparent)Sadly, Lenovo has picked a reflective display for the B570. This is a problem during outdoors use as the user will be confronted by distracting reflections. Therefore, outdoors use on a sunny day is impossible.( Dell TD175 battery,charger )
High viewing angle stability should not be expected of the B570. Horizontal shifts are not so bad as long as the viewing angle is not too big. Vertical movements will lead to rapid inverting or brightness drops of the displayed content. Watching a DVD together with friends is not a fun experience on this laptop. ( Dell 0XR693 battery,charger )
The Lenovo B570 is available in various configurations: the processors available are the Intel Core i3 2330M, and the stronger Core i5 2410M or 2430M. Users are offered a choice for the graphics card: either just the HD Graphics 3000 IGP, or the GeForce 410M, an entry-level dedicated graphics card from Nvidia, alongside the Intel IGP.( Dell 312-0625 battery,charger )
Our test model is equipped with a Intel Core i3 2330M CPU (the processor holds the HD Graphics 3000 IGP). The laptop has 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, which is spread over two lanes in dual-channel mode and runs at 1,333 MHz (as long as the second slot is occupied).The hard disk of the laptop is a 500 GB Hitachi HDD (HTS547550A9E384) which operates at 5400 rpm.( Dell 312-0633 battery,charger )
The CPU in our test model is the middle-class dual-core Core i3 2330M. Customers should not expect the processor to set any records, as the CPU runs at 2.2 GHz. However, thanks to the &quot;Hyperthreading&quot; feature, the dual-core processor can work on 4 threads simultaneously. The Turbo Boost feature (which can be found in the Core i5 and i7 models) is not available for the Core i3 series.( Dell 312-0763 battery,charger
We compare the results of the Core i3 processor against the Core i5 CPU to see if the i5 is worth an extra 80 Euros. We used the Cinebench 11.5 (Multi CPU) benchmark to record the performance of the three processors. The i3 scored 2.12 points, whereas the i5 2410M can score up to 2.61 and the 2430M can top that score with a maximum of 2.71 points.( Dell GW240 battery,charger
In Cinebench 10 (Single CPU), the performance gap widens further. Core i5 processors profit from their Turbo Boost feature. While the Core i3 of our test model scored 3599 points, the 2410M scored 4670 and the 2430M scored 4809 points. Users interested in more performance, and willing to pay extra for it, should pick the Core i5 processors.( Dell HP297 battery,charger
In comparison to other models with the same processor, the B570 can score quite high in the Cinebench benchmark. Competition, such as the Chiligreen Platin TS, is beaten by the B570 in this benchmark. On the other hand, the Asus Pro P53E beats the B570. Thankfully, the difference in performance is not very great (a few percent).( Dell XR693 battery,charger
We used the PCMark benchmark from Futuremark to measure the system performance of our test model against that of the competition. The benchmark simulates processes, such as, picture editing, video acceleration, and surfing on the Internet with multiple tabs open. Finally, a score is calculated and we enter it into our extensive benchmark database.( Dell J658N battery,charger
Our test model scored 4613 points in the PCMark Vantage. A laptop with the Core i5 2430M, such as the Dell Inspiron 14z (N411z), and the same 5400 rpm HDD and HD Graphics 3000 IGP can score 6806 points - almost 50% more. ( Dell 451-11258 battery,charger </strong>)The B570 placed at the top of the bottom one-third models in our database. This is a significant achievement for an entry-level office notebook of this price-class.
In PCMark 7, the B570 left the Chiligreen Platin TS (same CPU/GPU and slightly faster HDD) behind in the dust with 1816 and 1583 points respectively. The Dell Inspiron 14z (equipped with the i5 2430M) scored 2271 points here (+25 %).( Dell MT3HJ battery,charger

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laptop battery Acer Aspire 5683WLMi 

An ATI Radeon XPress X1200 video card is responsible for graphics. With up to 256MB shared memory it's similarly powerful than Intel's up-to-date integrated video chip, the X3100. Contrary to statements by FSC, this video card has also 128MB dedicated memory. Asus A32-U46 charger
Games without high demands on 3D can be played with limitations, however, this is not really fun. Still, the Amilo Pa1510 seems to be sufficient for moderate office and internet applications, not least, because it is also equipped with a total of 2GB main memory and an 120GB hard disk with 5400 revs. Asus A41-U46 charger
Further information about the video card can be found here or in our comparison of mobile video cards. Detailed information about the AMD Turion X2 CPU can be found here. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cards, in order to compare this notebook to other configurations.Asus A42-U46 charger
In idle mode the fan starts running periodically and is very clearly audible, while it runs for some seconds. Thereby, the frequency of the noise is unpleasant. Also limiting the performance of the CPU by the hot key right above the keyboard labeled with a fan or by choosing another performance profile improved the noise only for a short time. Although the fan is stopped immediately after pressing the hot key, it continues to run periodically after a few seconds. Asus A32-NX90 charger

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Sony battery pack VGP-BPS8,Sony battery pack VGP-BPS2

Furthermore, we have to mention that we sometimes heard a strange high-frequency noise near the fan, which could be stopped by a light slap, but, reappeared time and again.Even without load the FSC Amilo Pa 1510's surfaces get clearly warmer.A32-N55 charger While the really high temperature of 50°C at the bottom side might be tolerably when working at the desk, the temperature increase at the right palm rest area is uncomfortable. Measured 41.2°C are uncomfortable when typing for a longer time.
The sound of the two speakers, placed right and left beside the keyboard, is alright with a good maximum volume. However, weak basses and blasting at maximum volume are points of critique.Asus A42-G74 chargerThe battery runtime of the provided 4000mAh battery, did not meet our expectations, although the hardware equipment is only moderate. A maximum of 165 minutes, i.e., 2.5h, or about 2 hours runtime when utilizing WLAN at optimized energy saving settings, are not delighting.
Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pa2510Considering the reasonable price, the Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pa2510 is overall an interesting notebook. Although you can't expect a great deal of it, it's overall alright.Asus LC42SD128 chargerThe case is sufficiently stable and a base eqipment of interfaces is provided. The keyboard is also alright for office work and internet applications, and also the touch pad is rather user-friendly, although its buttons are somewhat sluggish and loud. The display's measured brightness is acceptable with slight weaknesses regarding illumination. Furthermore, its surface is reflecting.
The Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo's performance is with an AMD CPU and ATI video card rather passable, and provides sufficient reserve capacities for office and internet applicazions. Especially 2 GB main memory contribute to the Amilo's performance. Asus A32-N61 charger
The noise emissions are generally alright, still the fan annoys by running unsteadily. The surface temperatures of the notebook are partly clearly too high. At last, the Amilo Pa2510's maximum battery runtime is only slightly above 2 hours, so a mobile use is rather limited. Asus A32-X64 charger
The Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X61T is a compact mobile notebook with tablet functions. It's light magnesium case and the good battery runtime qualifies it for students, who need to browse the Internet, take notes, and copy pictures by using the pen. Furthermore, it is also not fit for up-to-date games, because of an integrated video solution and a processor with low-energy demands. So, it makes it easier to concentrate on the lesson.Asus A33-M50 charger
The haptics of the stable magnesium case is unique and it is also very resistant against pressure. Asus L062066 chargerOnly, it looks like made of plastic. But, this impression diminishes once you used the notebook and what stays is the impression that it is a high-quality and stable notebook with first-class ergonomics. The surfaces seem to be very soft, like silver sand-blasted by the goldsmith. There aren't any sharp edges or corner, still, the X61 Tablet is not overall round, but, simple and functional. The X61 T looks like out of a science fiction film of the eighties, because of the plastic look, the color choice (black with red and blue contrast elements), the IBM Thinkpad Logo, and a display in 4:3 format with matt surface., You can think of the X61 T's look as understatement. Some beholders asked: &quot;Does Vista really run on this old notebook?&quot;, Asus L072051 charger
At least after turning the display round and picking up the pen, it attracts the attention of everybody in its vicinity - even MacBook user will be amazed. Actually, the look of the X61T and of other Lenovo notebooks are generally a matter of taste. Some love it, while other think, it is out of fashion. Asus L0790C6 charger
At least it does not look ordinary. Furthermore, Lenovo produced a notebook, whose look, haptics, and technology are excellent without copying from from Apple. Overall, the Thinkpad X61 T seems to be an anti MacBook in all aspects, and pleases this way.Asus 90-NYX1B1000Y charger
If you are still not convinced by design and tablet functions, you might be impressed by the provided hardware-based security, e.g., a shock protected hard disk or a finger print reader. However, an optical drive was missed out, but, in turn a docking station port is provided.Asus A31-B53 A31-K52 charger

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Asus K43JY Battery,Asus K43JS Battery

The keys of the keyboard are adequately big and user-friendly. Only the space bar's left side is a little short, because the [&lt; &gt;] key was somewhat unusual placed there. The layout of the keyboard was strictly restricted to a rectangular area, where the keys are placed side by side. Only the cursor block was located a little more to the front. Asus A32-K53 chargerTyping is soft, accompanied by a clicking noise. Furthermore, the keyboard is attached tightly to the case, so, it does not clatter during typing.
The Amilo Pa2510's touch pad is small, but wide and user-friendly. One needs to adapt to its buttons first, because you'll need to apply some force to press them, and there clicking noise is rather loud.Color DiagramThe Amilio comes with a nowadays liked display format, a 1280x800 WXGA panel with reflecting surface. It provides the minimum overview needed for Windows Vista. Asus A42-K53 charger
The measured maximum brightness was measured in the center of the display and amounted to 158.5 cd/m2, which is a passable result. The illumination is somewhat below-average at 77.2%, because the brightness diminishes at the corners. The average brightness of this WXGA panel was 136.6 cd/m2.Asus A32-K53 charger
The black value, i.e., the minimum representable brightness of the display amounted to 0.6 cd/m2.Asus A42-K53 charger Together with the maximum brightness of 158.5 cd/m2 this gives a maximum possible contrast of acceptable 264:1. We could not observe any anomalies regarding the display's speed of reaction. Operation OutdoorsThe reflecting display surface and the only moderate brightness clearly restrict this notebook's outdoor usage.
Horizontally, the stability to the vantage point is rather good, but, limited by proliferating reflections as the angles get acuter. Vertically, the colors heavily change and the contrast diminishes outside a sufficiently big area of operation.Asus A32-K93 charger
The Amilo is equipped with the new AMD M690V/SB600 chip set, which is already fit for new AMD processors. Nevertheless, the notebook is only equipped with the already known Turion 64 X2 TL-50 processor with 1.6 Ghz. Asus A42-K93 charger

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